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four Nice Reasons to Enjoy Geocaching together with your Auto Navigation System

Geocaching is a good way to spend an afternoon, a day, or a weekend. This activity seems to be taking the nation by storm and is liable for the rising reputation and availability of GPS and auto navigation programs in the marketplace today. Many individuals aren't merely buying minimal methods that information them to their coordinates with beeps and blips however investing in full techniques that may provide much more helpful monitoring and mapping utilities.

Regardless of whether you're purchasing the naked minimum system with regards to geocaching or investing in a high of the road auto navigation system that has every kind of bells and whistles, I'm fairly certain you'll find that geocaching is a superb activity for many reasons. Everybody who participates in this exercise has something particular that they take pleasure in and appreciate about it. Under you'll discover some of the extra fashionable reasons that individuals choose geocaching as a enjoyable way to use their GPS devices.

1) Being a kid again. You heard appropriately, this is my private favorite cause to take part in geocaching. I bear in mind occurring treasure hunts as a baby and drawing out intricate maps and pretending for days, even weeks on end that I used to be a pirate searching for some rare treasure. That treasure normally ended up being holly berries or a relatively giant pinecone, but it was the fun of the hunt that was important.

2) Enjoying the good outdoors. You could argue that one can do this anytime and would not really need geocaching in order to do so. You'd be correct, nevertheless, geocaching can take you hiking, biking, swimming, and mountain climbing in the hunt for one little prize stash. Most of us wouldn't sort out all of those things in the midst of an afternoon. In different phrases it's a method to expertise the good outside only intensified.

three) Learning about others. When Geocaching you will discover every kind of neat and nifty treasures. The thought is that when you take something it is best to depart one thing behind and create a log. You find out about lots of totally different individuals by examining the treasures they've left behind and studying the logs. You'll experience many alternative people from many various cultures as this seems to be a rather universal pastime by which all ages and cultures spend hours upon hours participating.

four) Being part of something greater than us. I remember watching Treasure Hunters on NBC final summer. They had been all off in search of a selected treasure but saved getting clues at completely different locations along the way. Geocaching may not have a million dollar payoff however there are little treasures along the way and many people take part which makes the hunt thrilling and fun on the similar time. By collaborating you're one in every of many people who will tread the identical floor and seek the identical treasure. It is a unifying expertise in many ways and could be excitingly competitive.

In case you have never skilled geocaching, I hope you'll at least take into account this fun and thrilling pass time as you check out doable auto navigation methods and different GPS technology that may be good for you and your family. Geocaching is considered one of many ways in which auto navigation programs can bring more life to your daily living.

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The Only Way You Can Succeed In Forex

We hear many people talk of success in the forex markets, what exactly is success? If one trader makes $5000 a month and another makes $20,000 which is more successful? I class success as achieving the goals you set in your trading. Right now you may earn $3000 a month form your J.O.B, you could make it your goal to match this income from your trading so you can trade full time. If you succeed at this I would say you are a successful trader. It is very Important not to loose sight of reality in the forex world, it can happen very easily with all the wild claims flying around that you can become a millionaire in a week. Set your self a small target and once you meet it set another and so on, always focusing on a achievable goal not an impossible one. You must treat your trading as a business, make a plan of exactly how you are going to achieve your target and what you have to do daily to get there. Too much emphasis is set on the trading system in the forex market, its not the system that will make you a success its in your mind. Get your head right and you can make money with almost any half decent system. Keep your system nice and simple, no need too many indicators and fancy colored lines, set your target for the day and go for it. Always have a cut off point for the day, don t chase after losses. Last but not least do not think you have to be an expert in this business to make money, you do not need to know everything there is to know about forex. You only need ot know about your system that s it, nothing more. Do You Want To Make Consistent Money Trading Forex? Dean Saunders has created the *Ultimate* FREE forex trading system that has helped 100 s of Forex Traders become profitable. Click Here and grab your FREE copy of Dean s amazing trading system!

Trading Forex - Why Trade Currencies? (Part 1 Of 2)

Trading Forex - Why Trade Currencies? (Part 1 Of 2) When a person wants to enter trading arena, one of the most important questions is “What should I trade?”. There is an overwhelming choice of financial instruments available for trading; stocks, bonds, futures, commodities, options, mutual funds, ETF s, all kinds of derivatives like swaps and forwards and , of course, currencies or spot Forex. Perhaps it s not a surprise, that majority of people start their trading adventure in stocks. These financial vehicles are relatively familiar to most individuals. They are mentioned in the media every day, newspapers always provide price quotes for them. Most of us own or know somebody who owns stocks. That may be direct holding in brokerage account, or an indirect one, through mutual fund or retirement plan. Taking that under consideration, why should a trader branch out into the Forex markets? Entire books could be (and have been) written on the subject. Reasons can be very diverse and compelling ,but also fairly technical and complex. We are going to focus on a few, most obvious, factors, mentioned here in no particular order. Liquidity- Forex is the most liquid financial market in the world. Period. Published figures vary from source to source, but they all agree that total daily volume is in the neighborhood of 2 TRILION a day. It s really hard to comprehend, but it s more than all other financial markets in the world combined. To give it practical meaning- there is no problem to get in or out of the market no matter what size. There is always somebody on the the other side, counter party to your trade , which might not be a case in a lot of other markets. Long term trends- strength or weakness in a given currency is usually a reflection of a given country s economic health, national policy and fiscal state. These factors don t change overnight. They are in place for a long time, often years, producing extended trends in currencies, which maybe easier to follow than moves in other markets. When you add some knowledge of technical analysis, these long term trend can produce number of potentially profitable trading opportunities. Abundance of information- there is a constant flow of government s economic reports, political developments, trade issues and a plethora of other fundamental data that media is quick to pick up and make available for immediate use. At times it might seem there is too much data, but if fundamental analysis is your thing, there is certainly enough to consider. Around the clock trading- unlike stocks, Forex trading is not limited to set hours of local time where the exchanges are located. It moves around the globe as business day goes from Australia and New Zealand, to Tokyo and rest of Asia, followed by Europe and North America. Just as soon as businesses shut down in USA, they are opening again in the far east. Truly global market place. Diversification- currencies are treated as a separate asset class. While any single cross can be, and sometimes is, correlated to some other instruments, a basket of currency pairs will have a life of it s own, not moving closely in step with other assets. Great way to spread risks or simply diversify ones holding, potentially making some profits while remaining parts of portfolio are non productive. These are but a few and very general reasons why Forex is worth at least taking a look at. In the second part of this article we will focus on some additional and quite specific aspects of trading in spot currency markets. Mike P. Kulej is a Chief Forex Strategist for Spectrum Forex LLC, and a creator of highly effective “Rainbow” trading system. He specializes in mechanical trading systems as explained on Spectrum Forex LLC offers numerous services to individual traders. With questions and comments e-mail him at .

Successful Online Forex Trading With A Mini Forex Account

Forex trading is one of the most highly considered occupations for many persons looking for an income generating activity that will allow them to set their own hours and live where they please. This thanks to its great advantages over other income generating occupations and its high profitability potential; among these advantages you will find that forex is extremely easy to access thanks to the internet; and also you will notice that forex has a high liquidity along with a high leverage. Additionally there exists a great feature in Forex trading for those that are just starting and learning the ropes of this activity. There is something called, a Mini Account, and it uses a different leverage calculation than a regular account. This is, instead of trading full-size currency lots (100,000 units), you ll trade small lots that are just 1/10 the size (10,000 currency units), which will greatly reduces your risk. Pips in a Mini Account are worth, on average, $1 instead of the $10 value they regularly worth in a regular account. The Mini Forex account offers up to 200:1 leverage, this means that just a $50 margin deposit will allow you to trade lots worth roughly $10,000 , but the smaller lot sizes, with correspondingly smaller pip values, means that you ll be assuming less total risk. In short these are the characteristics of a Mini Forex account: - Minimum required account deposit = $300 - Recommended required account deposit = $2,000 - Traded in 10,000-unit currency lots - Default Margin: set at 0.5% ($50 per mini-lot) - Leverage = 200:1 Thought you’ll be trading a mini account, you will be still enjoying all the benefits that full-size forex account holders enjoy; including, same state-of-the art trading software, charts, resources, etc. As mentioned earlier, these mini accounts are ideal for new Forex traders because they will be able to develop a disciplined, rational forex trading strategy without excessively focusing on profits and losses. Also there is no maximum trade volume when you use a mini account. Although the standard trade size is 10,000 units, you are not limited to trading one lot. You can trade many lots at once. For instance, you can trade 10,000 units, 50,000 units or 200,000 units. So, if you want to start Forex the right way you should seriously consider opening a Mini Forex account first and start building your Forex trader career from there. You can learn how to trade EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD or any other major currency pair the right way. You can find more information here: =>

Forex Trading System - How To Create The Best?

Forex Trading System - How To Create The Best? A forex trading system, is essentially a plan which if you adhere to will more than likely result in greater profits than losses by eliminating risk as much as possible. There is essentially no magic formula in investment which will guarantee profits continuously, however the risk element can certainly be taken out of the equation through the assistance of a forex trading system. There are 3 basic elements of a strong forex trading system: 1 Select Your Term: There are basically 3 main time frames which one deals with holding currency in forex trading. These are long term, medium term, and short term. Each has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. The long term trader will hold on to his currency for months or even years. The short term position holder, sometimes known as a scalper, will be making quick fire trades often exchanging currencies back and forth within a single day. The medium term trader normally holds his positions for a few days or a week. The outstanding value of the medium term option is that it requires the least amount of capital to realize the most profit. Leverage is only needed to boost that profit, whereas in both long and short term trading, it is needed to both guarantee the chance of profit and protect the investment. For this reason the medium term option is normally recommended for beginner traders. However, it is best to fully assess your financial position and goals before deciding on your trading term and creating your forex trading system. 2 Be Analytical: One needs to be highly analytical when dealing with the forex market, and having a firm hold on technical statistics is crucial in devising your forex trading system. Following trends, and analyzing them correctly can assist in making the most profitable decisions on the forex trading market. This analysis involves monitoring price fluctuations and understanding key indicators which suggest a market change. There are various forex trading software and programs which will interpret this data, and help you base educated decision on the results. You need to find the right way to interpret and manage the data efficiently in your forex trading system . 3 Time Your Trade To Perfection: One of the qualities of the best forex traders, is the ability to insulate themselves from massive market swings. This is due to the 24 hour nature of the stock market- its always trading except for weekends. The best forex trading system will include stop loss and take profit orders. Theses are essentially basic decisions to change your currency when your profit or loss reaches a certain point. The stop loss order is perhaps easier to understand- get out before you lose big time. The take profit is a conservative approach to a market upswing, resulting in profit, but not risking a volatile shift which could result in either more profit or sudden loss. As the market is so volatile, and you won t be actively monitoring every second of every day, it will be comforting to know you will be profiting when there is opportunity to do so. One of the biggest advantages of forex trading software is the ability to create a demo account, which essentially allows you to play the market without investing any of your own money. You are given virtual money, and you can monitor the success of your forex trading system. Once you are happy with your demo account, you can apply your successful forex trading system to the market place. Want to learn an amazing breakthrough forex trading system which will help skyrocket your trading profits? Please visit:

How to Easily Begin Trading Forex

First of all, you should know that there are vast amounts of information regarding forex trading online and in regular bookstores. There s also software for those who are serious traders and decided to invest their money and time primarily in forex trading. If this is the case then perhaps you should also purchase the forex trading software, although I don t think it s entirely necessary. Now the special thing about forex trading is the fact that the market is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Investments are made regardless of the changes throughout the planet in terms of politics and so on. The forex market starts every morning in Sydney and keeps moving East to the rest of the financial centers of the world till it gets back to Sydney the next morning. Due to the information revolution and the advancements in technology (internet, software, web and so on) the world is able to conduct business wherever and whenever. The forex market is basically swayed by any major or minor change throughout the world that affects the currency. Almost like the butterfly effect, any little change in one country may alter the currencies value in another. If you really want to go into forex trading than you will need to understand the little changes that affect the market and also learn what sources of information to look for and who can be trusted. It s a mad world, baby. There are plenty of books on the subject, but I would first suggest reading up on forex trading online. First you ll get the bigger picture and then you will also know what books to purchase. Just go to the finance section of any bookstore and ask the salesperson what books they have on foreign currency exchange. Offers various forex articles on topics such as Foreign Online Trading Help

Currency Trading Training - 7 Favorite Tips

Currency trading training is not over when a trader finally sees the equity increasing in their account. The Forex market is a very demanding environment and for a trader to maintain a success level, constant currency trading training is necessary. The following 7 favorite tips can be used as timely reminders and need to be read and absorbed on a regular basis: #1 - Take Responsibility The buck stops here. Don t blame the markets, or a host of other factors for a losing trade. You entered it for whatever reasons you had at the time. Take responsibility for it. #2 - Use Each Losing Trade As A Stepping Stone You lost a trade? Good. It will help you focus on a potential problem in your trading method. If after careful analysis you are satisfied you worked according to your plan, fine. Move on. #3 - Never Become Impatient With The Market New traders in the early stages of their currency trading training can be eaten alive by the market. During periods of consolidation with little liquidity the anxious impatient trader will force trading opportunities where there none. Learn to accept the fact that around 70% of the time price will be in a consolidation channel. #4 - Focus Daily On Improving Your Trading Skills Currency trading training is an ongoing process. Day by day, step by step the trader improves. So rather than be preoccupied with profits and losses, concentrate on developing the skills. Your account will start to reflect your focus in time. #5 - Be Pleased With Well Executed Trades Whatever The Outcome Is this possible? Yes. You can feel well pleased even with a losing trade if you stuck to your methodology and executed the trade well. It is dangerous to feel good about a winning trade when you went against your trading method to achieve it. Your elation is likely to be short lived. Learn to execute the plan! #6 - If In Doubt Stay Out The feeling of regret can drain a person mentally and emotionally from entering a poorly considered trade. Once the trigger has been pulled and the trade starts going wrong, the agony of watching it inch towards your stop should renew in the trader the determination to stay out when in doubt! #7 - Always Have A Good Reason Currency trading training involves careful analysis of reasons for entering a trade. Just because price is high is not a reason to go short or long if price is low. Price will do what price wants to do so rather than trading from gut reaction, e.g. Price can t go any higher (or lower) learn to detach emotions and use pure technical analysis to establish a number of reasons why you should take a trade. As currency trading training is a long term commitment, skills and disciplines learned can sometimes be forgotten as bad habits creep in. It is necessary to constantly renew the thinking processes by repeating over and over the habits of successful traders. These 7 favorite tips will keep the newer trader out of a lot of trouble! For a free pivot point calculator, Fibonacci calculator and the best free economic calendars click here: For a free candle and chart pattern recognition reference tool click here: See how to use trendlines to get an optimum trade entry point:

Forex Trading Systems - 1 Simple Way To Spot If it Will Lose You Money

There are numerous vendors on the net selling track forex trading systems with hyped copy and making claims that seem in many instances unbelievable and of course they are â€" over 90% of forex trading systems on the net that are sold lose. There is an easy way to spot one that will probably lose you money and it’s this: Simply check the track record and look to see if it has a hypothetical disclaimer. The disclaimer you will see required by the CFTC below. When you read it, you will see that a track record that has this disclaimer needs to be treated with extreme caution â€" here it is: “HYPOTHETICAL OR SIMULATED PERFORMANCE RESULTS HAVE CERTAIN LIMITATIONS. UNLIKE AN ACTUAL PERFORMANCE RECORD, SIMULATED RESULTS DO NOT REPRESENT ACTUAL TRADING. ALSO, SINCE THE TRADES HAVE NOT BEEN EXECUTED, THE RESULTS MAY HAVE UNDER-OR-OVER COMPENSATED FOR THE IMPACT, IF ANY, OF CERTAIN MARKET FACTORS, SUCH AS LACK OF LIQUIDITY. SIMULATED TRADING PROGRAMS IN GENERAL ARE ALSO SUBJECT TO THE FACT THAT THEY ARE DESIGNED WITH THE BENEFIT OF HINDSIGHT. NO REPRESENTATION IS BEING MADE THAT ANY ACCOUNT WILL OR IS LIKELY TO ACHIEVE PROFIT OR LOSSES SIMILAR TO THOSE SHOW” Could You make money KNOWING the closing prices? Of course you could! My 7 year old niece could do it and so can anyone who can read and write. Vendors of Forex trading systems very often abuse this and in many instances they simply make up the track records, to make them look attractive. Greedy and naive traders buy the forex trading system and the track record and then are surprised when it loses! Not every trader out there who sells a forex trading systems is trying to rip off people and you do find many vendors who try and present truthful hypothetical track records - but if they have not been traded should you trust them? Surely, if the vendor is selling a forex trading system where you are following signals (and need to do this without questioning the system s logic) they should have traded their own money first so you can have the discipline and confidence to follow the signals? If they haven’t traded their own money in it why should you trust it? There is no “free lunch” So if you have ever wondered at why a track record looks to good to be true â€" the reason is its odds on to be done in hindsight and as the old saying goes: “if it looks to good to be true it probably is” Today, the internet is seeing a mass of vendors with no trading experience at all, use clever marketing copy and hypothetical track records to sell their systems. When buying, tread with extreme caution and check the track record first and odds are it will be hypothetical. NEW! FREE 2 x TRADER PDFS and NEWSLETTERS On all aspects of becoming a profitable trader including: Free critical trader PDFS, and updates on the best high reward trades via FREE Essential Forex Trader PDF S visit our website at:

Tips for Online Stockmarket Trading

Traders in shares, indices, forex or commodities should always have a backdrop of basic rules, which revolve around going with the trend, limiting losses and good money management. In other papers, we have covered these items extensively, together with how to avoid mistakes and other important factors to watch when trading CFDs. There are, however, some commonsense rules that do not have to be applied to rigorously, but add another level of comfort within what can be a very stressful process. A simple first rule â€" watch the cost Market makers and other brokers are not stupid, and the setting of prices and spreads (or slippage) depends on several factors including time of the day, volatility and before and after news items. If you have a system that is not tailored to quick, intra-day moves, and your chosen timeframe is to look for results within anything up to a month, then minute by minute timing is less important than getting the overall picture correct. On that basis you need to reduce your slippage costs as much as possible, so the time to place trades should be when the spreads are narrowest. After a while you should be used to the normal minimum spreads on most shares, and unless there is a pressing need to immediately deal (maybe on a profits warning or takeover news), then it pays to always ensure the spread is at the minimum before dealing. This means not trading in the first few minutes of the trading day as buyers and sellers position themselves for the session. Sometimes the whole market may not only be marked down, for instance on a heavy fall in Far Eastern stocks overnight, but spreads might be wider because of the frenetic nature of early dealing. After a while though the spreads should usually return to normal, and you can deal more comfortably. Example: You have a system that uses 3% targets and 2% stops, and say you normally buy and sell Royal Bank of Scotland shares with a minimum 1p spread, which represents a 0.05% or 5 basis point spread. From time to time the spread widens and can be as much as 5p after an outside event or early in the morning. This means that if applied to both sides of the trade, dealing on this wider spread would cost an additional 0.4% or 40 more basis points and effectively negates almost half of the edge of your system, which is fairly serious. Moving on from this, it pays to stick to the biggest and most liquid stocks for the majority of your trading and this is a quick list of the leaders in the UK and which have the narrowest spreads: Banks: Barclays, HBOS, HSBC, Lloyds, Royal Bank of Scotland, Standard Chartered Beverages: Diageo, SAB Miller Food producers: Unilever Food retailing: Tesco Household Goods: Reckitt Benckiser Insurance: Aviva, Prudential Mining: Anglo American, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Xstrata Oils: BP, Royal Dutch Shell, BG Group Pharmaceuticals: Astra Zeneca, Glaxo Smithkline Telecoms: BT, Vodafone Tobacco: BAT Industries Utilities: National Grid Rule 2: Get to know a few stocks very closely and increase your knowledge Many market professionals focus on one area of the market, and some simply trade a handful or even just one issue, be it a particular commodity, Treasury bond or stockmarket index. You will probably find that you become accustomed to the ebbs and flows of certain shares, and if you feel you are on the boil with these companies, then you have an edge. If you decide to focus on say ten UK shares, you should get to know their trading ranges, average daily volume, sentiment to their particular sector, previous support and resistance levels, the tone of previous management comments and when news is due. Furthermore, it goes without saying that when trading commodity stocks including miners and oil companies, you need to be aware of movements in the price and direction of principal metals and crude oil. Because there are other factors in play when institutions buy or sell in the market, such as dividend payments, overall market action or takeover hopes, share price movements can sometimes lag a rise or fall in the underlying commodity, but this is very important to each company’s overall profitability. Likewise, overall retail sales figures are important to the retail sector, which is obvious, and the health of the housing market and interest rates affect financial stocks. A couple of extra rules The ‘trend is your friend’ is a valid theme throughout swing trading, but it pays to only go long when the price offers further upside potential, or there is another volume and/or candlestick signal, otherwise you risk buying at the top. The aim is to ride an established trend, so while it is OK to miss the first part of a move, you should not buy when a trend may be about to reverse. Broker upgrades and newspaper tips are a waste of time, because they are usually already factored into the market by the time it is your turn to place a trade. Whilst some analysis can be excellent and thought provoking, the persons giving the advice may sometimes have a different agenda. Price and volume action is the key when trading, but of course for longer term decision making the fundamentals must be examined as well. Mike Estrey is the Head of Research for Blue Index, the Day Trading specialists in Contracts for Difference . Foreign Exchange Trading also forms part of their extensive services.

Forex Trading - Using Greed and Fear To Your Advantage For Huge Profits

To succeed at forex trading you need to understand greed and fear and why it makes most traders lose. Learn to sell greed and buy fear and you can catch some great high return, low risk trades - while the majority lose. First let’s start with a simple equation which in forex trading gives us price Fundamentals Investor Psychology = Price Let’s look at this simple equation in more detail In forex trading prices move in line with the long term fundamentals over time â€" that’s why you see currencies trend for months or years, as they ultimately reflect the underlying health of the economy. You can’t trade these though in isolation. Why? Because humans ultimately determine the price of anything and decide the price and they don’t act logically, their dominated by their emotions. In bull markets when greed dominates, they push prices too far to the upside. Conversely, when prices are falling fear, means that prices get pushed to far to the downside. When a market has been pushed to far up or down by these emotions, the price eventually recoils beck to be in line with the longer term fundamentals. FACT: Most markets collapse when they are most bullish and rally when their most bearish â€" this is a reaction to traders pushing prices too far. These price spikes are easy to see on a forex chart. Short term price spikes never last long and if you learn to trade them, you can make money from other trader’s greed and fear. It’s not enough to spot a market ruled by greed and fear and sell or buy IT - you need to find out when the turning point is coming, this is the hard part! The key here is to look at price momentum and support and resistance. Firstly, watch for prices to form a top or bottom in some shape or form, then watch momentum oscillators to time your entry. If you are unfamiliar with using momentum, you need to make it an essential part of your forex education. Three good oscilators to start with are: The stochastic, the average directional movement and relative strength index. All of these gauge the momentum of price when they wane at important resistance or support levels from over-bought readings a turning point is near. The trick is to wait for CONFIRMATION. Don’t guess a top or bottom, wait for resistance or support to form and a change in price momentum and then its time to execute your trading signal. The beauty of looking at a forex chart is that it takes into advantage the fundamentals (it simply assumes that in today’s world of instant communications they show up in price action instantly) - but more importantly it shows you the reality of how investors perceive the price. You therefore see: The truth â€" the price as it is and act on the reality. No hoping guessing or listening to opinions â€" you see the facts and can take advantage of them, to buy or sell, with great odds and profit potential. Many traders like to listen to the news or opinions - but if you do you will join the losing majority. Forex charts will keep you detached and focused on the reality of price so you can take a step back and see things clearly with no emotions involved. This may sound simple and it is. You just need to keep your emotions out of your trading and watch price action â€" if you learn to do this and stand alone you will win. At turning points, the more traders who disagree with you the better â€" only the minority of traders (who make the big profits catch them) so you’re in good company. If you want to win big at forex trading learn to stand alone â€" buy fear and sell greed and you can pile up some huge profits. NEW! FREE 2 x CRITICAL TRADER PDFS - NEWSLETTERS - TRADING ALERS MORE On all aspects of becoming a profitable trader including: Free critical trader PDFS, and more FREE Forex Education visit our website at:

Is Forex Trading for You?

Is Forex Trading for You? With the growing popularity of electronic trading networks and forex brokerage firms that open their doors to retail traders, more and more individuals are drawn to forex trading. The forex market is highly liquid and provides the highest leverage compared with other financial ventures. At first glance, it seems like currency trading is an awesome money-making machine that will make you rich in no time and with minimal effort. As forex experts often warn, though, the forex market is not for everyone and it most likely won t make you rich overnight. The following are some of the factors to consider in gauging whether you are cut out for forex trading. 1. You have the time and willingness to study the market. Forex trading is highly technical. For novice traders, all the jargons and chartings could get very confusing and may lead to simplistic conclusions that won t do any good. Although it s not a requirement to get a degree in Economics or Finance before you start trading, it is certainly wise to do research first and try to understand how forex trading works before you put your money into it. For a more hands-on approach to learning, sign up for free demo accounts offered online by forex brokerage firms. Countless traders have lost money and grown disillusioned with forex markets because of haphazard and downright thoughtless investments they made. 2. You are able to take risks and accept failure. Let s face it. No investment is ever guaranteed although some are much more secure than others. In the case of forex, the risks are much higher and losing money is a real probability. The high leverage that allows retail traders to earn profits with relatively minimal capital can also turn against them and entail equally large losses. As a forex trader, you must accept that there are risks involved and work around them. You should also be prepared to lose money. Even the best traders fail at times. After all, it is a zero-sum game and somebody else s win could be your loss. It s just a matter of taking it in stride and moving on to make better and more financially rewarding trades. 3. You are willing to wait. Yes, patience is a virtue and it will just as well do you good in currency trading. You don t have to have open positions each trading day. It s more profitable to hold back and wait for good opportunities rather than trade everyday and end up losing capital. 4. You know when to stop. Greed is not good for your soul nor for your portfolio. A lot of traders wipe out their capital by staying too long in a trade. The thing is, just because the trend in the trade you are in is going upward doesn t mean that it will stay that way. Once you have developed a sound trading system (which takes thorough research on technical analysis and market psychology which brings you back to item number one), you would have more knowledge on the timing of opening and closing a trade. 5. You have enough money for it. It has been said time and again but it s still worth saying at this point: don t invest the money you can t afford to lose. In the nature of forex trading, you could make profits but you could also sustain losses. So don t use your retirement savings, emergency fund, or college fund as capital. And don t invest borrowed money as well. Your earnings in the forex market is still uncertain but your loan obligation is a sure thing. You already have enough risks to think about in your trade, don t make it worse with debt problems. Kristien Wilkinson is an online writer and contributor to

Forex Trading Strategy - 3 Basic Steps For Forex Success

If you want to trade forex you need a forex trading strategy, which will allow you to enter the elite 5% of traders who make money and avoid the 95% who lose all their money. Let’s look at a forex trading strategy for success. 1. Basics Many people think they can buy success from a vendor on the net but you can’t â€" most of the advice sold is junk and you can get better info for free. Any one who promises to give you success for a few hundred bucks is lying â€" success comes from within only you will make yourself rich, no one else your on your own. Educate yourself from the great free resources on the net as the basis of your forex trading strategy. Use a technical approach it’s far easier than fundamental analysis. The latter, will get your emotions involved and with news instantly discounted, its impossible to trade it so don’t try. Your Forex Trading System If you educate yourself on technical analysis then you need a system and here is what you need to look at: 1. Learn about breakout methodology (see our other articles) its easy to understand and apply and works. 2. A fatal mistake made by most traders in their forex trading strategy is they try to predict where prices will go.If you do you will lose. You are relying on hope and if you rely on hope like in any venture your are going to lose. 3. Trade the odds and this means price momentum should support your view and confirm the trade before you enter. Two great momentum indicators are - the stochastic and the Relative Strength Index â€" look them up and use them. 4. Money management is essential and you need to protect what you have - with a breakout methodology that’s easy, your stop will be close behind the breakout when it occurs. If you follow the above 4 steps in constructing your forex trading strategy, you will have the basics of a system that’s easy to understand apply and makes big profits. 3. The Key To Success The key to success is to have confidence and discipline The above system will give you that. Confidence is essential as it leads to discipline and if you don’t have the discipline to follow your system you have no trading system in the first place. The other key is to work smart not hard â€" You get no rewards for effort just for the success of your forex trading signals, so trade infrequently. Using a breakout system and only trading the best trends means that you can learn everything in about a week and your forex trading strategy will take around 30 minutes a day to apply. If you base your forex trading strategy on the above 3 points you will have the ingredients needed to enjoy currency trading success. Good luck! NEW! 5 X Critical Trader PDF s and Much More Claim your FREE PDF s and demo account and learn Forex Trading and also get: Breaking financial news, tight pip spreads, guaranteed stops $100.00 minimum investment and 400:1 leverage at

The Importance of a Solid Forex Trading System

Said to be one of the largest exchange markets, the Forex market is gaining immense popularity. The possibility of earning large profits adds to the appeal. Although trading in this market is not easy, it can be, provided you find a proven and profitable Forex trading system. Even a planned investment can often take a wrong turn. The investor has a bad day even after planning his actions. Nevertheless, this is of little concern to the Forex trader. Every trader in the Forex market knows that to keep the losses to a minimum the trader will have to follow their forex trading strategy and use proper money management. In this way, he will learn to survive the volatile investment market and make profitable trades in the long term. The Forex market allows traders to conduct their transactions in a rather emotionless manner. This is because the pre-determined guidelines that form a forex trading system can make it easier for traders. Executing actions is now easy as there are fixed price levels of initial stop loss and trailing loss. Apart from this, there already exists a computed price profit, which is projected in the trader s interests. This computation allows the trader to know what his level of loss or profit is and even the risk to reward ratio before he even begins to trade for the day. Using the proper forex trading system, the trader plans his trade and makes a profit with the right moves. But on the other hand, if the trader makes a wrong move and is more likely to make a loss than a profit, the Forex trading system will show the trader that he is making a wrong move. In this way the trader is able to move out of the situation quickly and the huge losses he would have otherwise incurred is no more a worry. Trading in this way protect the trader from large losses and helps lock in higher profits for winning trades. There are many types of forex traders from position traders to swing traders to day traders. Forex traders who buy and sell their currencies or open and close their markets on the very same day are considered day traders. There are many traders who believe that the day trading system is not worthwhile and do not give it much importance, but with the right forex trading strategy, day trading can be very profitable. When researching a forex trading strategy, what you need to do is review it by finding out the reactions of other Forex traders. You can ask any existing Forex traders about their trading experience and how they like their trading system and if they consider it to be a profitable one. Trading forums are another way of receiving reviews about Forex trading systems. As there are a number of forums, you will have no difficulty in getting the information you require. However, many professionals feel that day trading is quite profitable though it is not the easiest way to trade. If this wasn t a profitable method of investing then how does one explain the large number of day traders who earn their income solely from this source? Therefore, if you wish to be part of any system that relates to day trading then it is necessary that you have sufficient knowledge about many Forex trading systems and strategies. Many sites let you in on the Do s and Don ts of Forex trading. There are no secrets but there are things you do need to be aware of. These sites provide you information on Forex trading strategies, forex trading techniques and all other information that you may be in need of. You can also find a number of helpful forex trading tools, information and techniques are made available to make Forex trading easier for the trader. Andrew Daigle is the owner, creator and author of many successful websites including ForexBoost, a free Forex educational site to learn Forex trading strategies and a ForexBoost blog for keeping online Forex trading records.

Why Your Forex Trading Strategy Should be Excellent

Said to be one of the largest exchange market the Forex market is also gaining popularity. The possibility of earning large profits adds to the traders appeal. Although trading in this market is not easy, it can be, provided one understands the Forex trading system. Even a planned investment can many times take a wrong turn. The investor has a bad day even after planning his actions. Nevertheless, this is of little concern to the Forex trader. Every trader in the Forex market knows that to keep the losses at a minimum the trader will have to use the trading signals and this can be done only and when the trader uses the Forex trading system. In this way, he will learn to survive the volatile investment market and brave investing again. The Forex trade allows the traders to conduct their trade in a rather emotionless manner. This is because the pre-determined guidelines that form the system make it an easy task. Executing his actions is now easy as there are fixed price levels of initial stop loss and trailing loss. Apart form this there already exists a computed price profit, which is projected in the trader’s interests. This in built system of computation allows the trader to know what his level of loss or profit is and even the risk to reward ratio before he even begins to trade for the day. Using the trading system the trader plans his trades and makes a profit if he trades correctly. But on the other hand if the trader makes a wrong move and is more likely to make a loss than a profit then the Forex trading system will show the trader that he is making a wrong move. In this way the trader is able to move out of the situation quickly and the huge losses he would have otherwise incurred is no more a worry. Trading in this way is very safe and the trader is warned when he makes a wrong move. The Forex trading comes under the day trading, meaning the investors buy and sell their securities or they open and close their markets on the very same day. There are many traders who believe that the day trading system is not worthwhile and does not give it much importance. When you want to check the Forex trading system as an option, what you can do is review this trading system by finding out how other Forex traders like it. You can easily ask the existing Forex traders their trading experience and how they like it via the trading system. Trading forums are another way of receiving reviews about the Forex trading system. As there are a number of forums, you will have no difficulty in getting the information you require. However many professionals feel that day trading is quite profitable though it is not the easiest way to trade. If this wasn’t a profitable method of investing then how does one explain the large number of day traders who earn their income solely from this source? Therefore, if you wish to be part of any system that relates to day trading then it is necessary that you have sufficient knowledge about the Forex trading systems. Many sites let you in on the secrets of Forex trading. These sites provide you with Forex Strategies, Forex techniques and all other information that you may be in need of. A number of tools, information and techniques are made available so that the Forex trading is made easy. Additionally these sites provide the facility of online Forex trading. There are sites that provide free online trading. This is extremely helpful for day trading as the trader can be up-to-date with the changes in the market. No matter whether you are interested in day trade or swing trade as long as you have a good trading system in place. These systems should help you conduct your trade in a safe manner and ease your trade. In this way, you can make the most of your investments and have the chance to increase your profits and reduce the losses. Knowledge of the Forex Trading System will help you even in your other day trading endeavors. We are a team of experienced writers, editors, SEO experts and quality control personnel who work in close association to produce quality, keyword-rich content. We have worked on web content, press releases, ebooks, blogs, travel guides as well as articles on a myriad of topics. Our endeavor is to provide you long term support in your content development efforts. CNS Zone...We Build on Words!

Forex Trading Course - How They Can Help You

When starting to learn forex, one can find a endless amount of information on the internet. But where most get stuck is the fact that there is no explaining of the information you read. A forex trading course teaches traders about the economic factors of all the markets across the world. With so may factors that influence the economy of a country, a trader needs to be educated to some level to be able to understand completely how the forex market works. An intelligent trader will pay attention to factors that can affect the value of the currencies around the world. The course should show the trader how and why certain factors are affecting the countries value of their currency. A credible forex trading course should show the trader facts and statistics that explain the circumstances of the economy. Charts and other types of technical analysis should be provided to give the trader a visual understanding. Examples are that it could provide information on the growth trends of certain countries under certain types of conditions. This can give the trader a sense of what to look for in making decisions in the future. A crucial point in offering forex training is to better inform traders on their entries and exits. How they can identify proper and low risk trades using technical analysis and fundamental analysis. While receiving training through the trading course, the trader can simulate on historical data platforms to test without having to risk there own real capital. Many traders do not realize is that the pushing factors in the change of values of currency come from large corporations that import and export large demanding products. When the transactions of these products take place with two or more countries, it creates huge demands for the exporting countries currency so they can purchase more of the products it is exporting. What now happens is basic economics. Higher demand causes a rise in value, so the value of the exporting country will rise. The large corporations are constantly making these transactions back and forth 24 hours a day. To fully be aware of all economic factors that affect a currency in almost completely impossible. A trader does not need to know every detailed rule. To successfully trade the forex markets basic understandings can be the limit one needs to progress. Some traders do not even bother with the fundamentals and base all there decisions solely on technical analysis. A good forex trading course should offer a basic understanding of the two types of analysis. A broader knowledge can go further than a narrow view. Whether you decide to be a technical trader, fundamental trader, or both, a forex trading course will provide detailed information and a better understanding so that you can profit from the markets. If you would like to learn more about implementing forex systems and how the market works, check out

Currency Trading Systems - Building a Profitable One in 4 Steps

If you want to trade currencies then you need a currency trading system that will get the odds in your favour and here we will show the basics that make a successful one. Anyone can build one and incorporate it in their Forex trading strategy and it s easy to do - Let s look at the basics. 1. Identifying the Opportunity The best way to identify an opportunity is to use support and resistance and good old trend lines. We won t explain support and resistance here - but if you are not familiar with it look it up on the net - Here we want you to keep in mind one key point: When you trade be selective and only trade valid support and resistance. What do we mean by valid? - The more tests the better - The more time frames involved the better - The longer the duration between the time frame the better The above are just general guidelines - you can use 2 tests but 3 tests or more, are better and look for resistance or support that is considered important by the market. You then need to decide after spotting the opportunity on your forex charts when to trade. 2. Executing the Trading Signal Never simply buy into support or sell into resistance with your currency trading system. This wont work, as your predicting what may happen and as you can t predict the future ( despite what many guru s will tell you), you are simply hoping or guessing and the market will kill you. You need confirmation. If you don t know what momentum indicators are look them up - you need them and there an essential part of your forex education. You only need a couple to confirm the move - more is not better as you need a simple system - more complicated ones have more elements to break. The way to use them is to watch for a level to hold and when momentum shifts away from the level then you trade. Don t just look for support or resistance to hold though - incorporate breakout methodology. It s a fact that most trends start form new market highs NOT Market lows. So, if prices breakout supported by momentum buy them! Most traders can t do this they want to get back in on a pullback that never comes - don t make this mistake trade the breakouts like the pros do. Finally be very selective and only trade the best set ups - in forex trading you don t get paid for how often you trade you get paid for being RIGHT. Trade sparingly and only trade the big high odds trades. 3. Stops and Profits Stops are easy and behind support and resistance. Place them as soon as your currency trading system gives a signal. If you are long term trend following, keep your stop well back and give the market room to breathe, so you don t get stopped out by random volatility. You are going to miss the turn but as you can t predict that anyway, that s fine. Catch 50 - 60% of the big trends and you will become very rich. Swing trading is another matter. You re looking for smaller moves and they can disappear quickly, so use a profit target and take your profit early! Don t worry about perfection of what you might have made - concentrate on making money - no one is perfect but that won t stop you enjoying currency trading success. 4. Managing Your Money Forex trading is risky, that s why the rewards are so high. Many traders however try and restrict risk so much they create it. They trade to often have stops to close and move them too quickly and end up losing. Confront risk cheerfully! Forget all the common wisdom about risking 2% per trade- if you re trading a $10,000 account that s 200! If you don t risk much you wont win. If you have a high odds trade risk 20% and have the courage of your conviction. If you take calculated risks at the right time you can enjoy currency trading success. FINALLY REMEMBER THIS! So there you have it the above is a simple system - support resistance and a few confirming indicators and the best systems are. Keep in mind that forex trading is as much to do with mindset as method and you need to maintain discipline. Simple currency trading systems are easier to understand, apply and have confidence in which leads to the discipline to follow your currency trading system to long term currency trading success. BECOME A PROFESSIONAL FOREX TRADER FROM HOME GRAB: 2 X CRITICAL PDFS AND MORE For free 2 x trading Pdf s with 90 of pages of essential info and an exclusive Forex Trading Course visit our website at:

Making Money with Forex Online Signals

Forex trading is actually a lucrative business. Of course, you can only be successful if you know the ins and outs as well as the risks and benefits of trading in the Forex market. Investing in the foreign exchange market has become available to individual traders and not only to big financial institutions. The key to being successful with Forex investing is being regularly updated with the latest market conditions and the only way you can accomplish this is with Forex Online Signal. You should know that the foreign exchange market is very liquid. You can trade currencies anytime and anyday. It is not even localized in one specific area. You can easily trade online wherever you are in the world. Foreign exchange trading requires you to sell your own currency in order to buy another currency. Among the most popularly-traded currency pairs include USD/GBP, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and USD/CHF. Since the trading is mostly done online, it is only logical that you would have a fast internet connection, a Forex trading account and an online trading system. This is where Forex Online Signals come in handy. Forex traders know how important it is to receive any information on the changes in the market especially since the Forex market is quite high risk. If you do not receive the information on any sudden market movement, you will lose much of your money and any potential earnings. In order for you to appreciate the services provided by Forex Online Signals, here are some of the benefits they offer: • Pay Per Signal • Instant Signals: • Flexible Schedule • Email and SMS Alert • Trade on any Platform • No Monthly Charges • Simple Member’s Area Access • Quick Sign Up Process • Excellent Customer Service Forex Online Signals work quite simply. You simply sign up and choose which signals you will receive. These signals could be for stopping losses, buying and selling foreign currencies. You will receive signals two times a day via your email address or your mobile phone. This way, you can avoid significant losses because you were given a head’s up on the current Forex market condition. Not only will you avoid losses but you will also have a greater chance of making a killing. When you receive a signal to buy, then you can also act immediately and take advantage of the positive market trend. Interested individuals can also choose from three Forex Online Signals packages: mini, standard and pro. Depending on whether you may want flexible schedule, free credit back and preferred currency pairs, you can choose from any of these three packages and only pay a one-time set up fee. Just like any form of investment, it is always recommended that you should be prudent. It is very important that you only trade with an amount that you can afford to lose. Again, foreign exchange trading, although very profitable and liquid, is high risk and taking precautionary steps is advised. Online forex forecasting service is the leading forex advisory in the forex industry. Brows our line resource for Forex Signals and Forex trading signals .

Money Management and Forex Trading - The Key to Bigger Gains

Money management is a bit like sex, we all do it but we don’t talk about it much yet, if you don’t employ proper money management you won’t win. Let’s look at some basics to do with money management. Money management is the difference between making stellar gains or wiping your account out. Here are some important points to keep in mind when adding it to your forex trading strategy. Risk and Reward Risk goes with reward this is common knowledge yet, many traders try to restrict risk so much they actually create it and ensure they lose. For example day traders think their taking small risks as their stops are close but their 100% guaranteed to lose over time because all short term volatility is random. The risk looks small but the odds are stacked against them. Another example of trying to restrict risk to much is trailing a stop to close and getting stopped out by normal volatility and sees the trader get stopped out to soon. These traders need to make a study of standard deviation of price part of their forex education. Betting to Win Just like the successful card player you need to load up your bets on high odd hands and fold losers quickly. When you have a high odds trade denoted by your forex trading system up your bet size. You here many traders bang on about risking 2% per trade but this is ridiculous for most traders. For example on $10,000 account that’s $200! How close would your stop have to be? To close and guarantee your stopped out by volatility. If you want to win bet 10 â€" 20% on your high odds trades. Stop placement In forex trading most traders like to trade with stops behind support and resistance and you will notice on many occasions how many times a price spikes through the stop in the day and then closes below it. If you can always use a “stop close” this will prevent from daily volatility hitting your stop in the day session or if you cant keep an eye on the market use “at or in the money options” Trailing a stop If you are long term trend following you need to give the market plenty of room to breathe and keep your stop back. Don’t jack it up after a day or so like most traders do - leave it alone. When you have good profits move it behind key support say at 40 day moving average penetrated on a close basis which works well. If you want to follow long term trends, you are going to have to accept that you will give a lot back at the turning point - but if you get 60% of the major trends you will do well. Targets I find stop trailing hard and like to work with a target and get out when its hit. If the move carries on so what? I am happy, as I got what I want. In shorter term swing trading, targets are essential as these smaller profits can disappear quickly. Finally Remember This: How you deal with risk, will be the difference between you losing or winning at forex trading. Try and restrict risk to much and you will guarantee you lose, but take meaningful risks at the RIGHT time, with courage and conviction and you could enjoy fantastic currency trading success. Remember the old gamblers saying: “There’s a time to hold them, a time to fold them and a time to get out of town fast” Its very applicable to forex trading and money management! NEW! FREE 2 x CRITICAL TRADER PDFS - NEWSLETTERS - TRADING ALERTS MORE On all aspects of becoming a profitable trader including: Free critical trader PDFS, and more FREE Forex Education visit our website at:

Using Forex Trading Alert Software for Fast and Effective Trading

Forex trading alert software continuously monitor the market for high-probability real-time buy and sell opportunities. Based on system algorithm the alert software generate precise trade entry and exit signals and automated trailing stop-losses. If you have subscribed to one such forex trading alert software services, it will send you an alert or notification by email or SMS in your cell phone. Forex trading alert software, in many cases are offered as a free service to the customers of an automated forex trade execution platform. Forex trading alert software prepares real-time alert to buy or sell a specific currency pair. Depending on a buy or sell alerts and either email or SMS notification you can make your trading decisions. The alert may also include a stop-loss and limit information. So you can avoid continuous monitoring of the market as the auto trading platform would execute your trades which you have already set. These alerts often come at the very beginning of a currencies movement or when key support or resistance levels are broken and tested. Some forex trading alert software needs installation in your system. Once installed, this software automatically monitors the parent network and notifies you of any new report. These alerts are generated after detailed research, application of different technical analysis, like Fibonacci or Elliot waves, and after obtaining feedbacks from other market indicators. Forex trading alert software should have systems for fast notifications, auto-update, and instant access to market reports and information. The alert software, in many cases, prepares targeted information bulletin for longer term, positional trader, day traders, and average traders. Before major economic announcements, which may influence the market, the forex trading alert software should ideally send you a pop-up message reminding you of the release. Forex trading alert software can be customized to receive trade alerts for the currency pairs of your choice. You can enable or disable entry points to your mobile phone. Many forex trading alert software allows you to add more than one email id or mobile phone numbers and you can receive the notifications in all of them. You can turn the alerts on or off at any time. Forex trading alert software may come with light flashes which are easy to follow and execute. The additional features that a forex trading alert software may offer are: daily forex trend analysis, live streaming forex news, forex articles and research, market commentaries, fundamental and technical forex analysis to gauge direction and momentum etc. Right information at the right moment is the key to your success in forex trading. A forex trading alert software, therefore, should keep you abreast with the market trends and movements. To learn more about giving your trading a boost visit Forex Trading Alert Software

Look For The Best Deal - Save Big Money

The average person s foreign exchange transaction is in having to change their currency into that of the country they wish to visit. This they do by going to the high street travel agent, Post Office, or bank. They do not worry too much about saving on the exchange rate for the relatively small amount in question. There comes a time when they may wish to make a much larger transaction abroad such as buying a car or a boat, but mainly a house. This of course is a different cup of tea, and it is much cheaper to use the services of foreign currency exchange companies who can arrange cheaper quotes than the high street banks, therefore making it possible to save considerable money. It is important to keep things simple and easy to understand. Take an example of a Mr Smith wanting to buy a property in France. He needs to have a sum to cover the cost of the house and a sum to cover the other payments such as agent s fees etc. He adds it all up and comes to a total amount he will need to have in the foreign currency ,in this case the Euro. He has to get the required Euros. He now begins to realize that the price of the house also has a cost of the currency exchange rate to consider. More than likely he will go to his bank to see what amount of Sterling they will require from him to purchase that foreign currency and send it to the seller. It is at this point he ought to be prudent. It is a good idea to go to the bank and get a quote as to how much it would cost to buy the required Euros and to have them sent to their destination.However, Mr Smith should spend a little time checking with some of the foreign currency exchange companies and get a quote from them too! Mr. Smith may find that he could save himself a nice few thousand because the rates that he could get will be undoubtedly cheaper than those from the high street bank. In short, a buyer like Mr. Smith might find the best way to proceed as follows: 1. Open a bank account in the country and place where he is buying the house. This is quite easy and the local estate agent will be pleased to introduce him to a bank. 2. Try to find the best currency exchange rate from the many companies that deal in foreign exchange. After finding the best deal, have the currency sent directly to his account at the bank abroad. It is worth a few phone calls to very likely save big money. Currency rates change all the time and you have to bear that in mind, so the question is what is the percentage you would be charged above the live rates. Live rates are easy to find free on the internet. You cannot get access to buy at these rates and there will always be a difference between the live rates and the rates you will get quoted. However, the degree of this difference is what you are after. It pays to check to find a good deal. To be fair you have to say what amount you are requiring to change because this may make a difference to the rate you will get. Obviously, if you are talking about ten thousand as opposed to hundreds of thousands this will count. Money is sent by electronic transfer and banks charge for this usually between 25 and 35 pounds when sending money abroad bank to bank. The foreign currency exchange companies do not usually make a charge because they already calculate it within the rate of exchange in their quote, which is very fair since they will invariably give a better quote for currency rates than the high street bank who will charge the transmission cost as well! Foreign currency exchange companies know that they are cheaper than the high street banks. Can you imagine that they could exist if they were not cheaper? Apart from that they are more focused on this type of business because they are specialists in this field. When you go to a restaurant it is the chef that matters. When you go to a hairdresser it is the cutter that matters. When you go to a garage it is the mechanic that matters. With the foreign currency exchange companies you have personal attention to your particular needs by a specialist. Above all, you can save money. Paul Dubsky is director Foreign Currency Exchange Services Ltd. The company is focused on being able to offer really friendly currency exchange rates We believe we are the only company which offers special rates to Senior Citizens.