Saturday, January 19, 2008

5 Ways to Make a Living Trading Forex

How many Forex traders desire good, consistent gains? Of course, we all do right? The answer is an overwhelming , yes. Well, the question comes up, Why is it that so many traders lose all they have? I am a straight up kind of person. In turn, I like people to be the same way toward me. So let me get right to the point. Here are the 5 ways to make a living trading Forex. Just prior to that, allow me to explain a little about who I am. I lost a great deal of money in the market when I did not have a great deal of money to lose. In the end, I walked away with just 25% of what I began with a year before. Sound like the kind of person you want to learn from? Read the rest of the story! I took a break and observed from the side lines. Slowly, I began to objectively assess what went wrong. The funny thing was things turned around for me pretty quickly. My strategies were clear. I noticed how fear and greed had a major impact on my Forex trading. Over time I accumulated the funds to get back in the Forex market and this time I was ready to go. As the old saying goes, The rest is history. I am now doing very well and winning is the exception rather than the rule. Can you make a living trading Forex? The answer is, Yes, you can make a living trading Forex. Let s check out why my Forex trading turned around. Let s look at the 5 ways to make a living trading Forex. I never lost my hunger. Yes, determination is a big part of the success recipe. A person that refuses to give up is a person bound for victory! The Art of Perseverance. Determination is vital but you will take some losses on your way, it is extremely important to stay positive and never stop believing in yourself. Mistakes are Learned Lessons. Only the unwise and foolish keep repeating the same mistakes. Keep Perspective While Taking a Time Out. The time out enabled me to look at my strategies objectively and modify it for the future. This is very important. Staying unemotional and looking at what went wrong was huge. I found a Really Good Trading Platform. The most important aspect in Forex trading. If you want to do well on the Forex market then you need a reliable, trading platform. I look for a trading platform with no hidden costs and competitive spreads. If you want a really good trading platform that allows you to start trading with as little $50, gives live quotes (real time) and requires no software or downloads, click on the link at the bottom of the page. I think you ll be glad you did. Good luck trading and remember the only thing standing in your way is you. So get out of the way and trade. Blake Rice is a professional trader that has been involved in the markets for many years.The best forex trading platform on the market. Open an account with as little as $50, real time quotes, no hidden costs, competitive spreads, and no software or downloads required.

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