Saturday, January 19, 2008

You Will Lose Trading Forex If You Do Not Do This!

There are a few things I can explain to you that I assure you will give you at least a 50/% chance of success in the forex market as appose to the usual 5%. Unfortunately many of you will have already traded for several years unprofitably and be so stuck to your belief that nothing I could say would change the way you trade. I believe the on of the main reasons the migratory of traders fail in this market is the fact that there is simply too much freedom and potential. With forex trading comes visions of millions of dollars, fancy cars and houses and all the rest. If you can get this out of your mind I can help you! If ever new trader came into this market with realistic expectations you would see many more succeed. Here is what you should do, write down what you would be happy to live off of, the minimum. What is it? $3000, $5000 what ever it is write it down and pin it up. Congratulations you now have a realistic target and you are ahead of thousands of new traders hoping to make a million before the end of the month! You need to keep this target in mind all the time, block out any get rich quick schemes at all costs In order to achieve the right to trade on a live account you must prove you can hit your target 2-3 month in a row. You will need to work out your average pip gain needed per day and per week to make sure you are on track. I think you will be surprised with compounding how little pips you will need to meet you target. Generally 5 pips a day is good enough to make a living! Do You Want To Make Consistent Money Trading Forex? Dean Saunders has created the *Ultimate* FREE forex trading system that has helped 100 s of Forex Traders become profitable. Click Here and grab your FREE copy of Dean s amazing trading system!

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