Saturday, January 19, 2008

Forex Online Platform Trading - How To Make Consistent Profits Working 1 Hour A Week!

Welcome to the exciting world of adventure and profits: Forex Online Platform Trading. If only it was that easy and cheerful, huh? Actually, it can be, no joke. Let me explain: There are a number of ways to lose in the investment world and this is never more true than with forex online platform trading. If you have been involved in currency trading for any period of time then you are more than aware of the pitfalls. There is getting in on a momentum move just as it peaks and your left holding the quick descent. Then there is the sure bet move that for some reason just did not pan out. Let s not forget the quick pip gain that kept you up all night waiting for the move to go in your direction but never seemed to do so. We can go on and on and every person involved in online platform trading knows what I am talking about. The good news is that it is not all doom and gloom, just the opposite! You can make consistent profits working just 1 hour a week if you know what to do. That is what I want to talk about here so let s get started. If you have read many books on online platform trading then you have probably heard the following: A disciplined trader is a winning trader. A trader must believe in what he is doing or he will never be successful. The reason that this is talked about so often in the forex online platform trading books is because it is absolute wisdom. Totally true and cannot be violated, period! So what does this mean for us and more importantly: What does that have to do with making consistent profits day in and day out? You can be disciplined and in turn not give in to the trader s worst enemies (fear and greed). You can develop winning online platform trading strategies and have confidence in yourself and your system. How? Through a solid and proven strategies that are time tested and guaranteed. Think about it: A good forex trader with bad strategies is like Barry Bonds stepping to the plate with a broom stick instead of a 36 ounce Louisville Slugger. If you click on the link below you will find the best strategies in the business. If you are looking for a way to make consistent profits through a proven forex program then you have come to the right place: Howard Teel is an experienced Trading Manager that has been involved in the markets for many years. He has been the President of two online trading firms.

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