Saturday, January 19, 2008

Forex Brokers

There is one important thing you will need to do before you start your Forex trading career. This is, you will need to set up an account with what is known in the trading world as a Forex Broker. Once you start your search for the perfect broker, you may feel there are too many of them who offer their services online. Deciding on a broker requires a little bit of research on your part. Experience and reputation are two good starting places for the selection process. do as much research as possible and ask in online forums for anyone who may have a first hand knowledge of the company. A forex broker is an individual or a company that buys and sells the orders placed by the trader according to his decisions. The way brokers earn money is by charging a commission or a fee for their services. You must consider that a serious forex broker will need to be associated with a large financial institution such as a bank in order to provide the amount of funds necessary for what is known as margin trading. In the United States a broker must be registered as a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) and also with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). These credentials will ensure you have peace of mind, knowing that you have protection against any case of fraud and abusive trade practices. What you’ll always want will be to find a broker who executes orders quickly and with minimum slippage. All reputable online forex brokers will offer automatic execution once you place your orders and will let you know their policies regarding slippage. A good broker should be able to tell you how much slippage can be expected in both normal and volatile markets. You should always be skeptical when looking for a good forex broker. Always examine any suspicious claims made about high returns and low margins, especially if the broker company is vague about the risk involved in the transactions and are unwilling or unable to disclose financial information on the strength of their company. Low margins may sound competitive, but in reality this is because the broker is speculating against you and relying on the low margin to stop out your gains. Learn these great Forex trading strategies and become a profitable trader. =>

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